Education & Society

  1. Toddler with spina bifida meets paralympian: “She has crutches like me”

    A young patient’s reaction to a commercial featuring gold medalist and double amputee Jessica Long goes viral, leads to a Zoom introduction.

  2. Who has a right to ask if you’re vaccinated?

    Why a false controversy about vaccine privacy and “passports” threatens to prolong the pandemic.

  3. How countries on five continents may shape future of health policy via pandemic

    Russian author Tolstoy once wrote, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” That sentiment can be applied to countries’ responses to COVID-19, say U-M researchers.

  4. New ways to help older adults self-manage pain

    Providing underserved older adults with mobile health tools and the support of community health workers to help navigate local resources could help them better manage their pain, researchers say.

  5. Giving music: Alum shares violin and life lessons

    Clara Hardie, U-M grad and Detroit resident, co-founded Detroit Youth Volume in 2010, a mixed-income Suzuki violin program that offers scholarships and extra support for lower income students seeking classical music training.

  6. The perfect (chatter) storm

    Using real case studies to explain behavioral and brain research, psychologist Ethan Kross reveals how that voice in our heads shapes our lives, work, and relationships.

  7. Detroit partnerships on the rise during COVID

    U-M ramped up collaborations in Detroit during the pandemic to help residents address food insecurity, unemployment, eviction reform, and more.

  8. ‘Tis the gift to be life-changing

    When an ambassador from the bone marrow and stem cell registry Gift of Life visited his U-M fraternity, Brendan Dunn, BS ’20, provided a tissue sample. The process was unremarkable. Then his phone rang.

  9. 5 lessons to help you Zoom back in

    As the work-from-home brigade battles burnout, Michigan Ross professor George Siedel shares tips from his virtual classroom designed to help CEOs and other leaders energize the mind-numbing video call.