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  1. Cybersecurity in self-driving cars

    Mcity report gives new insights into automated vehicle vulnerabilities, threats.

  2. Highway star

    Researchers use new technologies at Mcity to test the boundaries and expand the capacities of smart, connected, and driverless vehicles.

  3. In the driver's seat

    The recent fatality involving a semi-autonomous Tesla reveals just how far transportation technology has outpaced solutions in another realm: The legal world.

  4. Autonomous cars in the snow

    U-M and Ford collaborate on the auto industry’s first tests of autonomous vehicles in wintry conditions.

  5. Robot, you can drive my car

    U-M opens Mcity, the world’s first controlled environment to test connected and automated vehicle technologies.

  6. The future is now

      U-M researchers are teaching cars, roads, traffic lights, and other roadside devices to talk to each other. Their conversations just might make driving easy, save lives, and generally improve road conditions. Connected vehicles will inform each other out about such things as traffic tie-ups, icy roads, disabled vehicles, and lane closures. And drivers will Read more

  7. Look who's talking now: Smart cars

    Ann Arbor is home to a first-of-its-kind test of “smart” technology that allows vehicles and highway infrastructure to communicate with each other. The goal is to help reduce crashes and improve traffic congestion.