David Turnley documents Ukrainians’ plight

Guess how much I love you

David Turnley, Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist and retired Stamps professor, recently traveled to Ukraine and Poland, capturing in real time the story of Ukrainians fleeing their war-torn country.

In March, Turnley shared an update of his coverage, with a video documenting an hours-long journey by train from Ukraine to the border of Poland with people fleeing from the conflict in their homeland. It is an essay he calls “Guess How Much I Love You.”

Turnley also recently joined CNN anchor Anderson Cooper for an interview to describe his first-hand accounts of the situation.

Turnley is continuing his work in Eastern Europe along with his brother, famed photographer Peter Turnley, a University of Michigan alum. In March, Peter narrated his observations of the Ukrainian crisis for CNN, noting the resolute resilience of the people leaving their homes for an uncertain future.

(This feature originated at the Stamps School of Art & Design and is repurposed here with their permission. Lead image courtesy of David Turnley.)


  1. Michelle Barnes - 1963, 1987



  2. Carrie Eckert

    Would love more info regarding homing a Ukrainian family. We are in Canton Michigan. Not sure just where to go for info. Thank you

    Carrie and David Eckert


  3. Paul Bator - 1973, 1980

    When I taught my “Political Photography” course at Stanford, students would fight over who would get to profile David and Peter Turnley. Their images from Ukraine reinforce for us all what words cannot say.


  4. William Brudenell - 1970

    Ingrid and I are docents at the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial in Boise. For the past 15 years, we, along with others teach, discuss, and remind people of the Spiral of Injustice and how language matters. It can be used to build up “others”or to devolve to avoidance, discrimination, violence, and, in the worse case, elimination of “the other” group. I see in Ukraine what we, until the Russian Army invaded, hoped would not happen again- a pogram that seems to be an attempt to eliminate an entire culture.


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