Podcast: “Listen in, Michigan”

  1. Episode 5: Totally up for debate, featuring Aaron Kall

    A rambunctious war of words is raging on the political front line while the University of Michigan’s No. 1 debate team reaps the spoils here at home. Listen in, as debate expert extraordinaire Aaron Kall reviews the debate performance of several U.S. presidential hopefuls and gives an update on the U-M team’s upward trajectory.

  2. Episode 4: How we went blue, featuring Albert Ahronheim

    It’s short. It’s sweet. And it can really swing. But the origin of “Let’s Go Blue” as part of the University of Michigan’s call to arms was anything but simple.

  3. Episode 3: The write side of history, featuring Stephanie Steinberg

    ‘In the Name of Editorial Freedom — 125 Years at The Michigan Daily’ is a compilation of 39 essays from ‘Daily’ alumni who have gone on to impressive careers. Listen in, as the book’s editor and former ‘Daily’ editor-in-chief Stephanie Steinberg recounts the high stakes and high jinks of life as a student reporter at U-M.

  4. Episode 2: How one cranky grad changed U-M history, featuring James Tobin

    Sure, we know the War of 1812, but how about the War of 1817? It happened right here at U-M – in 1929. Listen in, as resident Michigan Today historian James Tobin recounts the controversy regarding the exact founding date of the University of Michigan.

  5. Episode 1: Now playing, featuring James Tobin

    Michigan Today proves truth is more poignant than fiction in our new audio feature, ‘Listen In, Michigan.’ We kick off this venture by looking into the University of Michigan’s colorful history, when outhouses still dotted the Diag and medical students knicked cadavers from the graveyard – for school, of course