1. Yost's walkout

    Someday soon, the Big Ten may expand. History shows that the biggest changes would be unexpected ones—like when U-M quit the Big Ten in 1907, and found its biggest rivals.

    Plus: U-M responds to NCAA allegations.

  2. U-M responds to NCAA football allegations

    The University of Michigan has self-imposed sanctions in its football program for violating NCAA rules.The sanctions—which relate to quality-control staff and practice and training time—follow a cooperative investigation with the NCAA and are detailed in a response to a Notice of Allegations the institution received Feb. 22, 2010. The response also outlines actions already taken Read more

  3. 'That magic sauce'

    The men’s gymnastics team turned swagger and mental strength into a national championship.

  4. Chemistry lesson

    To save its season, U-M’s ice hockey team had to unify itself around an unlikely hero.

  5. The Olympians next door

    Four U-M students competed as ice dancers in the Olympics. Two of them won silver; the others will be favorites in 2014. But until then, they’ll just be trying to pass their next exams.

  6. This year's Olympians

    U-M students and alums will be skating for their country in the Vancouver games.

  7. Top sports moments of the decade

    What were the biggest games, the most impressive performances, the best Wolverine teams of the ’00s? Sportswriter John U. Bacon makes his picks. What are yours?

    Plus: David Brandon named U-M athletic director.

  8. Brandon named U-M athletic director

    University of Michigan alumnus and former football player David Brandon has been named U-M’s new athletic director. Brandon, the CEO of Domino’s Pizza, has also served as a Regent for the University.

  9. Bill Martin's legacy

    As he approaches retirement, the athletic director will go down as one of U-M’s most influential figures.