Business and Economy

  1. Rebranding fundraising as fun

    It’s one thing to build a cool brand, says CrowdRise co-founder Robert Wolfe. But it’s even better to build a cool brand about giving back.

  2. Ross School brings Executive MBA to sunny SoCal

    Business professor-cum-shark diver George Siedel will teach the LA cohort of the Executive MBA Program this fall.

  3. The path to economic recovery will be a marathon, not a sprint

    “The unemployment rate begins to creep down but remains uncomfortably high even at the end of 2013—four-and-a-half years after the official end of the recession,” says U-M’s Joan Crary.

  4. U-M to invest in its own startup businesses

    The university could inject up to $25 million during the next decade into select venture-funded U-M startups—new companies built around inventions born in faculty members’ labs.

  5. Bailed-out banks issued riskier loans

    Banks that received federal bailout money ended up approving riskier loans and shifting capital toward risky investments after getting government help, say U-M researchers. Further, these banks were no more likely to issue loans, overall, than non-TARP banks, in contrast to the declared objective of the federal program to increase lending.

  6. Good-bye, Borders

    The Ann Arbor – based bookseller is bankrupt, all its stores closing. But in its heyday, there were few places closer to a literary heart.

  7. Groupon's brain trust

    The Michigan alums who built “the fastest growing company ever.”

  8. Sustainable mobility

    Automakers at the 2010 North American International Auto Show have big hopes for their new vehicles—hipper, more fuel-efficient, environmentally sound cars.

  9. Back to his roots

    After graduation, Karl Rosaen moved from Michigan to Silicon Valley, where he worked on the now-famous Google Android phone. So when he wanted to start his own high tech firm, where did he go? Back home to Michigan, of course. A story about hope for a new economy.