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Campus Life

  1. Inventing the WaterWheel: bringing clean water to a thirsty world

    Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. U-M student Cynthia Koenig’s WaterWheel could transform the health and habits of people across the developing world. An ingenious sort of wheelbarrow and water barrel in one, the WaterWheel makes daily, long-distance treks to gather drinking water safer, easier and less toil.

  2. Michigan's economy and U-M's mission

    Earlier this month, U-M president Mary Sue Coleman addressed the Michigan House and Senate about proposed cuts to the state’s and university’s budgets. In this excerpt, she lays out her plan to keep U-M fiscally sound and academically second to none.

  3. Digitization ushers new era in scholarship

    The U-M Library is scanning 1,100 Islamic manuscripts, many of them hundreds of years old, giving scholars around world access to one of the world’s finest collections.

  4. U-M goes smoke-free July 1

    University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman has approved the final report on implementation of the new smoke-free policy that goes into effect July 1.

  5. Museum of Art receives major architecture award

    The museum became the third U-M building to earn the award for outstanding architecture.

  6. Growth on U-M campus up, but energy use down, report shows

    U-M grew last year at a rapid 8-percent clip—including the campus’ largest physical expansion in 60 years—but its sustainability efforts have simultaneously cut normalized energy use by 4 percent, water use by 3 percent and resulted in a decrease in per-person trash levels of nearly 5 percent.

  7. No power? How about a personal solar panel?

    This hand-held solar-powered light and power source can be used anywhere, but inventors Abdrahamane Traoré and Shanhoor Amin hope to sell it cheaply in the developing world, where access to the power grid can be hard to find.

  8. 'Netflix for baby clothes' founder named College Entrepreneur of the Year

    U-M’s Allen Kim won the award from Entrepreneur magazine for his company Bebarang, a baby clothes rental service that ships parents brand-name outfits at a fraction of their original cost.

  9. The Doors' disaster at Michigan

    Jim Morrison bombs at the homecoming dance –- and changes rock history.