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  1. My accidental conversion to nuclear power

    In this personal essay, MT writer Madeline Strong Diehl chronicles her “accidental conversion” to nuclear power through an encounter with U-M’s Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science students.

  2. A global nuclear renaissance?

    After a 30-year hiatus in new construction, a handful of U.S. utility companies are moving forward with plans to join a “nuclear renaissance” that seems to be affecting countries around the globe. Some 40 countries — mainly in the Middle East and Asia — have committed to enhancing or creating nuclear portfolios.

  3. Should professors engage in public debate?

    Academics see role, responsibility in raising quality of public discourse.

  4. Dances like wind

    Unique collaboration provokes dialogue about alternative energy in Michigan.

  5. The vanishing of Schoolgirls' Glen

    Reclaiming one of the most precious and vulnerable gems in Nichols Arboretum.

  6. Vet seeks to grow hope amid 'food deserts'

    Kenneth Johnson redeploys military training to bring healthy food and other sustainable solutions to underserved populations.

  7. Color solar cells fuse energy, beauty

    New technology invented at U-M brings colorful design element to solar panels.

  8. Engineers making a difference

    Creativity, design, and customer service take precedence in a unique course, as freshmen “tinker” their way to real results.

  9. Tree's Company

    U-M celebrates its fifth consecutive year as a certified “Tree Campus USA,” according to the Arbor Day Foundation. Somewhere, Andrew Dickson White is smiling.

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