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  1. Coaches in the classroom: Applying sports leadership to business

    From the football field and basketball court to the corporate boardroom and executive suite, a new University of Michigan executive education program will teach business leadership through lessons learned in U-M sports.

  2. Firms' own social networks better for business than Facebook

    While the major share of media attention has focused on third-party online social networks such as Facebook, many companies have made the choice to build their own social networks. It’s well worth the investment, say U-M researchers, who find that such networks increase profits and loyalty not only online but in brick-and-mortar stores as well.

  3. U-M to invest in its own startup businesses

    The university could inject up to $25 million during the next decade into select venture-funded U-M startups—new companies built around inventions born in faculty members’ labs.

  4. Will 7 billion people create a crisis?

    World population is expected to pass seven billion this year. Can the earth handle it? U-M economist David Lam looks at the successes of the last 50 years and the trends for the future—and comes away optimistic.

  5. Michigan needs to keep higher ed a top priority

    U-M president Mary Sue Coleman explains how the university is responding to state budget crisis with hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts.

    Plus: U-M focuses on quality, affordability, cost control with historic reduction in state funds

  6. Downward spiral

    The economic damage of auto job losses is much worse than previously measured, says a U-M study. A Q-and-A on the layoff ripple effect.

  7. Peeling Kadafi's image from Libya

    U-M professor and poet Khaled Mattawa describes life under the “homicidal clown” Moammar Kadafi, and his hopes for his native Libya.

  8. U-M startup wins Clean Energy Prize

    A startup company built on the inventions of graduate students in UM-Dearborn Prof. Pravansu Mohanty won the 2011 Clean Energy Prize.

  9. The state of the symphony orchestra

    U-M assistant professor Mark Clague talks about the challenges facing the symphony orchestra and how to make it more economically viable.