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Science and Technology

  1. My accidental conversion to nuclear power

    In this personal essay, MT writer Madeline Strong Diehl chronicles her “accidental conversion” to nuclear power through an encounter with U-M’s Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science students.

  2. A global nuclear renaissance?

    After a 30-year hiatus in new construction, a handful of U.S. utility companies are moving forward with plans to join a “nuclear renaissance” that seems to be affecting countries around the globe. Some 40 countries — mainly in the Middle East and Asia — have committed to enhancing or creating nuclear portfolios.

  3. Starry, starry nights

    A visit to U-M’s historic Detroit Observatory still stirs a sense of awe and adventure.

  4. Boosting the brain's appetite to fight disease

    New findings hold promise for victims of dementia, Lou Gehrig’s disease.

  5. A most elegant solution

    Discover how the ancient art of origami may soon transform the future of nanotechnology.

  6. 50 years of miracles

    Identical twins Janice and Joan Ottenbacher made medical history in 1964 with transplant surgeon Jeremiah G. Turcotte.

  7. Transformers, anyone?

    What happens when a rolling robot needs some legs mid-mission? The robot builds its own. At least that’s the plan.

  8. Mammoth undertaking

    Prehistoric creatures break digital ground and blow scientific minds in new 3-D showcase.

  9. They see dead people

    As a 3-D hologram-like cadaver floats in space, students “operate” using joysticks and special glasses.