Science and Technology

  1. Battery capital of the nation?

    U-M opens new lab so researchers and manufacturers can accelerate breakthrough battery technology on a production-level scale.

  2. Mammoth excavation

    Ancient mammoth unearthed in a farmer’s field southwest of Ann Arbor may provide clues about lives of early humans in the region.

  3. The human touch

    U-M surgeons and engineers are enabling amputees to control prosthetics using their own biological motor signals. Could regaining a sense of touch be next?

  4. Medicinal magic

    “Nature’s pharmacy” at Matthaei Botanical Gardens showcases healing power of plants in elaborate garden organized by systems of the body.

  5. Solar Car Team goes for gold with ‘Aurum’

    Sleek 2015 model, “Aurum,” is named for “gold” in Latin. In October, the team will race 1,800 miles across the Outback.

  6. Talking trash in Jakarta

    Flooding in overpopulated megacities often is exacerbated by trash dumping. Frank Sedlar, MSE ’15, innovates in Indonesia.

  7. Study shows 3D printing saves lives

    Groundbreaking technology first used at U-M is documented in a promising study destined to save babies from a deadly condition.

  8. In our image

    Two-legged locomotion is the robotics industry’s next frontier. But how and why do we make machines that move like us?

  9. Mayday machine

    If a plane is in trouble, a computer won’t panic. So, is it time for humans to leave the cockpit? Plus: An alum’s new film, Pilot Error, strikes a timely chord.