Science and Technology

  1. World's smallest computer

    Breaking the millimeter barrier, U-M engineers have designed and are testing the world’s smallest computers. The future is now.

  2. Pilot Error

    Former Michigan Daily editor releases film that strikes a timely chord.

  3. Potential to restore hearing?

    U-M scientists restore hearing in mice partly deafened by noise, paving the way for new treatments in humans.

  4. Probing links to autism

    Researchers building database to study how environmental stressors may impact brain development.

  5. First climate action plan for Detroit

    U-M students complete first comprehensive inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in Motor City history.

  6. Life, engineered

    Lynn Conway has been called the hidden hand in the movement that enabled the fabric of Silicon Valley. She’s also one of the nation’s first modern transgender women.

  7. Experts on Ebola

    U-M scientists answer some of the most urgent questions about this deadly outbreak.

  8. Mischief on the line

    New study shows how hackers can execute sneak attacks through a smart phone’s shared memory.

  9. Re-inspiring a nuclear renaissance?

    U-M experts seek to meet the global demand for energy, rehabilitate nuclear power’s public image.