Science and Technology

  1. Mammoth undertaking

    Prehistoric creatures break digital ground and blow scientific minds in new 3-D showcase.

  2. They see dead people

    As a 3-D hologram-like cadaver floats in space, students “operate” using joysticks and special glasses.

  3. What can stem cells teach us about bipolar disorder?

    Research breakthrough may transform treatment, solve mysteries about disorder.

  4. Color solar cells fuse energy, beauty

    New technology invented at U-M brings colorful design element to solar panels.

  5. Manufacturing 10,000 jobs

    U-M plays key role in $148-million research institute opening in metro Detroit.

  6. Innovative algae research keeps students in state

    Greenest of the green movements attracts brightest of the bright PhD students.

  7. Winged wonders

    Video: Soaring into the future with unusual, autonomous, and unmanned aircraft.

  8. Insect cyborgs may become first responders, search and monitor hazardous environs

    A fascinating new invention could make it possible to use living insects, equipped with tiny battery packs and electronics, to enter hazardous environments and send back data and even video safely to first responders.

  9. The secret life of dust

    What do dust storms have in common with the prospects of finding life on Mars, and a multi-billion dollar problem for the electronics industry? U-M professor Nilton Renno has the answers.