Science and Technology

  1. U-M researchers helping to develop a machine for on-demand N95 mask manufacturing

    Launched with $3 million from the American Rescue Plan Act, the project aims to develop better respirators with new manufacturing processes that can be ramped up on demand, protecting both health care workers and the public.

  2. U-M discovery dramatically reduces time it takes to build molecules

    With a big assist from artificial intelligence and a heavy dose of human touch, U-M researchers have discovered how to speed up the time-consuming chemical process of building molecules that will be tomorrow’s medicines, agrichemicals, or materials.

  3. Tracking ocean microplastics from space

    Harmful microplastics — tiny flecks that can ride ocean currents for thousands of miles — are extremely difficult to track and clean up. But, it turns out these same microplastics tag along with soapy or oily residue, which satellites are great at spotting.

  4. How sound waves trigger immune responses to cancer in mice

    By breaking down the cell wall “cloak,” the treatment exposes previously hidden cancer cell markers and could offer patients a treatment option without the harmful side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

  5. Not hidden but modern

    U-M’s first Black woman to graduate with a PhD in computer science and engineering is driving change within the University of Florida and scaling her influence with a podcast.

  6. U-M team recycles previously unrecyclable plastic

    PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is one of the most-produced plastics in the U.S. and the third-highest by volume worldwide. Until recently, it had a zero percent recycling rate in the U.S. But scientists at U-M recently discovered how to chemically recycle PVC into usable material.

  7. New hospital to be named for D. Dan and Betty Kahn

    The D. Dan and Betty Kahn Health Care Pavilion is scheduled to open in fall 2025. The $920-million facility will include 264 private inpatient rooms, a neurosciences center, specialty cardiovascular and thoracic care services, and much more.

  8. Community-builder Leon Pryor takes Detroit’s FIRST Robotics program to new heights

    Having excelled in careers at Microsoft, Amazon, and now Meta, this 1997 electrical engineering alum and renowned video game engineer co-founded The Motor City Alliance to make Detroit a powerhouse for FIRST Robotics teams.

  9. Social media: Top setting tips to promote positive boundaries, mental health for young people

    Experts share tech savvy ways to better manage and control social media use on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube for youth, teens and kids.