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Science and Technology

  1. Cells that stand in the way of curing HIV

    Discovery expands researchers’ understanding of bone marrow’s role in HIV; has potential to rid patients of the infection for life.

  2. Rehab: Gaming the system

    Gaming technology enjoyed by millions in leisure time is finding a new audience: rehabilitation patients.

  3. Lake-bottom robot tracks toxicity

    A new research tool to safeguard drinking water is keeping a watchful eye on Lake Erie.

  4. Highway star

    Researchers use new technologies at Mcity to test the boundaries and expand the capacities of smart, connected, and driverless vehicles.

  5. An uncommon education: Ep 5

    U-M was the nation’s first university to own and operate its own hospital. Watch ‘A Miracle Cure,’ by Detroit Public Television.

  6. The courage to resist

    In the escalating struggle between the individual and the state technology favors the powerful. That’s why this computer scientist revels in righting the balance.

  7. Perspective: Why I marched for science

    U-M grad student shares her experience Joining the tens of thousands of demonstrators at the March for Science — and what ought to happen next.

  8. Can math help explain our bodies?

    The legacy of mathematician Alan Turing inspires researchers to create computer models to explore ‘the beauty of us.’

  9. Everybody walk the dinosaur

    As experts prepare to move the Museum of Natural History, they reimagine the visitor experience.