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  1. Nancy Luoto

    The glorious school days at U of M! Hard work…..hours with your head stuck in the books, worried about passing exams….the stress. But, looking back, fond memories that are held close to my heart! Go BLUE!


  2. Susan Fisher - 1963

    In ancient times when I attended U of M — 1959-1963 — women were not allowed to wear slacks to class. I declared that when men walked to class in the freezing cold of Michigan winters, I would too. I steadfastly wore slacks and am happy to say, no one every said a word.


  3. Tim Bartholow - BMus 1973, MMus 1974, MBA 1979

    My weather horror story is a famous “gotcha”. I was a student in the School of Music in 1973, and performed in a contemporary music ensemble concert in Rackham. When I drove into the underground lot at Rackham at 7PM, it was just a normal March night, or so I thought. After the concert, imagine the performers’ surprise when we could look out the front door toward the Diag and see cross-country skiers! Yes, it was the famous St. Patrick’s Day blizzard of 1973 that dumped enough snow for skiers in barely two hours (and kept on). A favorite memory, just for the absolute shock value. Since students rarely paid attention to weather reports, none of us knew it was coming.


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