1. Eyewitness to history, text by Alan Glenn

    What's it like to be an eyewitness to history? Ask Jay Cassidy. As a photographer for the Michigan Daily from 1967-70 he was often no more than a brick's throw away from the action during the most tumultuous three-year period in recent American history. Cassidy now lives in Los Angeles and is an award-winning film editor who has worked on such motion pictures as "An Inconvenient Truth," "Into the Wild," and most recently, "American Hustle."
  2. Photo Finish Gallery — Lynn Goldsmith’s Rock and Roll Stories

    Photographer Lynn Goldsmith, AB '68, has spent the past four decades picturing the most iconic artists of our time. These images come from her 2013 book, "Rock and Roll Stories."
  3. What a wonderful world

    These stunning images capture the drama and beauty experienced by U-M students in the Center for Global and Intercultural Study. Their travels took them to Spain, Peru, Turkey, Cuba, and more.
  4. Long Road Back

    April 3, 2007, and April 10, 2007. Within a seven-day span, Michigan changed the faces of both its men’s and women’s basketball teams. And on those two days, both programs’ challenges were clear. The men’s basketball team needed to return to postseason glory, and the women’s basketball team needed to consistently win games for the first time in its 34-season history. One of the new coaches, Kevin Borseth, had grown up in a town of 2,148 people in the Upper Peninsula and had dreamed of someday coaching in Ann Arbor. The other, John Beilein, had never even visited Michigan’s campus before accepting the offer, telling reporters at his farewell press conference in West Virginia that he was “taking a leap of faith.”
  5. Old buildings, new tricks gallery

    Where others see vacant and abandoned buildings, Detroit-based architect/U-M professor Christian Unverzagt sees promise and potential. As design director of M1/DTW, a multidisciplinary firm fusing design and cultural production, Unverzagt is carving a niche in the area of adaptive reuse – that is, recasting and transforming existing spaces. These days, clientele is trending increasingly toward local entrepreneurs – those seeking a creative space in Detroit to launch a new venture or expand an existing business. It’s a mindset Unverzagt readily embraces.
  6. Campus art of the 1890s gallery

    In the pages of Wrinkle, we get glimpses of student life in the 1890s—at least as it appeared to the cocky male editors of that short-lived Michigan humor magazine.
  7. Climb every mountain

    What can a trek up the world's tallest peaks reveal about leading an organization? Just ask leadership expert and mountaineer Scott DeRue, management professor at the Ross School of Business. DeRue began climbing in 2007 and has summited Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest, among others. In September he will direct the Ross School's executive education course Advanced Leadership in Action: Kilimanjaro. The seven-day trek will take participants from the depths of the African rain forest to the heights of this majestic peak. After summiting Everest in 2013, DeRue linked lessons learned on the mountain to teambuilding and leadership at work. He shares those thoughts in the captions below.
  8. Rhapsody in maize and blue gallery

    It would be no surprise to find scholars at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance whistling “Nice Work If You Can Get It” these days. One of the many sparkling songs written by George and Ira Gershwin, it is emblematic of the clever lyrics and catchy tunes penned by the legendary songwriting brothers whose body of work is now undergoing the most extensive scholarly review in history by SMTD students and faculty. Nice work indeed! Enjoy these classic images of George and Ira Gershwin.