This is how you feed potential

Student stocks shelves

Food insecurity is an existential threat to more college students than you may realize. U-M’s food pantry blends research and reality to find a solution.

  1. What I learned from Bo

    John U. Bacon, a lecturer in U-M’s history department and Michigan Today’s sportswriter, won the 2009 Golden Apple Award, given by U-M students for great teaching. In this excerpt from his “ideal last lecture” he describes a lesson learned from—and does a spot-on impersonation of—coach Schembechler.

  2. Self-healing concrete for safer, more durable infrastructure

    A concrete material developed at the University of Michigan can heal itself when it cracks. No human intervention is necessary, just water and carbon dioxide.

  3. For love of teaching

    Arthur Thurnau endowed one of the University of Michigan’s most prestigious faculty awards. But we know almost nothing about the man, his life or his reasons for giving.

    Plus: Video of Thurnau Professors video

  4. In Patagonia

    University of Michigan students travel to Patagonia in Chile for the educational trip of a lifetime

  5. Actor Montalbán’s grandson, U-M student, pays tribute to grandfather

    Ricardo Montalban was one of the most well-known Mexican-born Hollywood actors of all time. But for his grandson Alex Montalbán, a senior at the University of Michigan, the perception of this iconic actor is much more complex and filled with nostalgia.

  6. U-M financial update

    How is the University of Michigan handling the financial meltdown and recession? President Mary Sue Coleman describes the institution’s condition and strategic thinking.