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  1. Emeritus professor wins Nobel Prize

    Gérard Mourou advanced ‘chirped pulse amplification,’ pushing the limits of optical science.

  2. Me too, circa 1970

    In 1970, a female secretary inspired one of the great sea changes in the University’s history: that Michigan should treat women the same as men.

  3. #Socialscholars

    U-M faculty demonstrate the power of public engagement through social media, influencing journalists, policymakers, and peers.

  4. Detroit's dark secret: Slavery

    U-M historian chronicles a time in Detroit’s history when Native Americans and African Americans were considered property.

  5. Online dating: Deal-makers, deal-breakers

    Happy Valentine’s Day! U-M experts examine the way people make romantic choices using online dating sites.

  6. Freedom writer

    In the midst of the civil rights movement, U-M historian Dwight Lowell Dumond published his anti-slavery masterwork. The backlash was ferocious.

  7. No sweat

    Already abandoning your new year’s resolutions? Author Michelle Segar, PhD, explains how to revive your goals using the science of motivation.

  8. The spy who never was

    The film Bridge of Spies is more than just a Cold War thriller for one former professor who survived the real-life saga.

  9. Do you hear what I hear?

    Step inside an operating room in Ghana as U-M surgeons battle a widespread problem in Africa.