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  1. Confronting the Gershwins' 'Porgy and Bess'

    New critical edition of iconic folk opera addresses its complex place in American history.

  2. Music and the games people play

    Video game audio has progressed so much that artists and orchestras now contribute interactive, complex scores to the experience.

  3. Alumni shine at '17 Tony Awards

    James Earl Jones, Gavin Creel (with Bette Midler, right), Benj Pasek, and Justin Paul bask in Tony spotlight.

  4. Feminine ideal

    “Belle, Scholar, Athlete.” In the 1930s, a portrait in the Michigan League honored student Marian Van Tuyl as the epitome of young womanhood.

  5. Living the blues

    Students travel to the American south to experience the vibrant culture and living history of roots music – through people, places, and performance.

  6. We're with the band

    Members of the New York Philharmonic get in tune with U-M students on stage and on the field during a rousing fall residency.