Michigan yesterday

Flashing back

When this old world starts getting you down, and the news is just too much for you to face, there’s always Michigan Today.

In this old world, it’s 1947 and Life magazine is coming to campus to take pictures of Homecoming Weekend. You’ve got men in top hats and women in saddle shoes; handsome footballers and stylish alums. Everything shimmers with the nostalgia of black & white film.

In this old world, beloved radio announcer Bob Ufer lives again, in the words of film columnist Frank Beaver who writes about the new Ufer doc, Football’s Valhalla, and from our podcast “Listen in, Michigan,” where director/producer Dan Chace shares highlights from the picture.

In this old world, art teachers are heroes, Harvard is our friend, and “fake news” is losing its stronghold on society.

It’s a fun place to be. Way better than CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC.

Just remember, we are here for you.

Go Blue!




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