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Talking About Words

  1. More Michigan English

    The words that make Michigan’s language distinct.

  2. Michigan English

    More words that give the state its particular flavor.

  3. Michigan, my Michigan

    You can tell a “real” Michigander by how they pronounce place names like “Ypsilanti” and “Mackinac.”

  4. Declaring independence

    Why a new dictionary matters more than you’d think.

  5. Babel

    How much should we fear a “scattering” of the English language?

  6. Synonyms

    In English, few synonyms mean exactly the same thing. These fine distinctions mean more fun for word lovers.

  7. Fissiparous English

    Our mother tongue is the world’s language. More people learn English than there are native speakers. So, is our language falling apart?

  8. Spaces

    Blank spaces are just as important to language as letters, and a shifted space can create brand new words.

  9. Canadian, eh

    Native speakers are increasingly proud of the “fizzy Canadian cocktail” that is their language.