Arts & Culture

  1. What a drag it is getting old!

    Writer and law prof William Ian Miller’s bleak and hilarious exploration of aging.

  2. Preacher's kid

    How a professor’s childhood faith led him to become an innovative scientist.

  3. Fiction into film

    A fun, smart class takes on the question of how books turn into movies.

  4. Shaping beauty from the desert

    The inspiring story of an unlikely friendship between an American anthropologist and a Mexican artist who rediscovered an ancient way to make pottery. University of Michigan graduate Scott Petersen’s remarkable documentary describes how the men and the art saved a whole town from extinction.

  5. Good-bye, Borders

    The Ann Arbor – based bookseller is bankrupt, all its stores closing. But in its heyday, there were few places closer to a literary heart.

  6. Back to basics in the kitchen and garden

    Seems more people are interested in eating fresh, healthy foods. An alumnus and his co-author wife, who have built their own “farmstead” offer tips to get you started on the healthy, do-a-little-bit-more-yourself lifestyle.

  7. Dancing with Madonna

    In 1977, Whitley Hill arrived as a freshman at U-M and met her roommate: a talented, eccentric dynamo named Madonna. Hill’s new book remembers the girl who would become an icon.

  8. Learning from a legend

    How does a performer lift herself to world-class status? And how can she help students create real art? Geri Allen, inheritor of Detroit’s great piano traditions and one of the world’s great pianists, offers the secrets to her students at U-M.

  9. Michigan’s national poets

    A new anthology of US poets laureate gathers the best poems of some of America’s best poets. Among them: four geniuses who taught at U-M.