Arts & Culture

  1. A Canterbury Tale — or The Gospel According to Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and Commander Cody

    In the 1960s the title of hippest town in the Midwest most certainly belonged to Ann Arbor, home to a vibrant music scene and a host of hip clubs. Among the very hippest was a small converted print shop called Canterbury House.

  2. This kid is all right

    Award-winning filmmaker Gary Gilbert, ’86, is a dreamer. But he’s also a hard-working realist. “Growing up, people would tell me a career in Hollywood was a pipe dream,” says the former mortgage broker. “But I can tell you it’s not.” Gilbert produced The Kids Are All Right, starring Annette Bening.

  3. Remembering Mike Wallace

    Legendary reporter helped shape TV journalism; launched his career at U-M.

  4. Out of Africa

    Anthropologist John Mitani consults on Disneynature film Chimpanzee.

  5. Hard times in Michigan

    Eileen Pollack’s new novel, “Breaking and Entering,” is a story of love, economic dislocation, and political extremism set in a rural Michigan that’s close to everyone’s home.

  6. What a drag it is getting old!

    Writer and law prof William Ian Miller’s bleak and hilarious exploration of aging.

  7. Preacher's kid

    How a professor’s childhood faith led him to become an innovative scientist.

  8. Fiction into film

    A fun, smart class takes on the question of how books turn into movies.

  9. Shaping beauty from the desert

    The inspiring story of an unlikely friendship between an American anthropologist and a Mexican artist who rediscovered an ancient way to make pottery. University of Michigan graduate Scott Petersen’s remarkable documentary describes how the men and the art saved a whole town from extinction.