1. See half a century of U-M football

    College football fans now can view 420 Michigan games played between 1930-86. Originally recorded as team film, the Bentley Library annotated the silent footage to showcase specific action, including halftime shows.

  2. Let them lead: Unexpected lessons in leadership from America’s worst hockey team

    Author John Bacon, BA ’86/MA ’94, delivers unexpected leadership lessons he learned coaching the Huron River Rats, America’s worst high school hockey team.

  3. A game-changer for mental health: Sports icons open up

    By being open about what they were experiencing, and not “toughing it out” or stifling their feelings like generations of athletes have had to do, Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka, and others did more than spare themselves injury or defeat.

  4. (Steeple) chasing Olympic glory

    Doctoral student Mason Ferlic is among the 2020 Summer Olympics competitors with U-M ties. And despite the games’ delay, this Wolverine arrived in Tokyo with a ‘renewed and refreshed mindset.’ Plus: More Olympians with links to U-M

  5. Safer play: How 90,000 Michigan soccer players went back to playing the sport they love

    When soccer teams across Michigan meet over the next few weeks for traditional tournaments and championships, the COVID-19 mask mandates and event attendance restrictions will start feeling like a thing of the past.

  6. A league of his own

    Journalist, author, and baseball fanatic Daniel Okrent, BA ’69, created the precursor to ‘fantasy sports’ with his Rotisserie League some 40 years ago. But there’s a glaring gap in this native Detroiter’s encyclopedic baseball memory: the 1968 World Series.

  7. Detroit: Olympic city?

    The fate of the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympic Game seems more uncertain than ever due to the pandemic. Detroit has long sought to host the games. Will it ever happen?

  8. Fans rally around Wolverine wins, championships

    It’s a busy time of year, with virtually all Michigan teams in competition. From March Madness to fall football, enjoy this roundup from Michigan Athletics.

  9. ICYMI: Jim Harbaugh extends contract through 2025

    Michigan’s head football coach reached an agreement with the University earlier this month. Harbaugh signed a four-year extension with revised financial terms effective Jan. 11, 2021