Campus Life

  1. First geothermal facility opening on campus

    When the new golf practice facility opens its doors this fall, it will be the first geothermal facility at the University of Michigan, using the earth’s natural energy to heat and cool the space.

  2. Michigan makes sustainability a high priority

    President Coleman announced new goals and new funding for sustainability both on campus and in U-M research, including a cut in carbon emissions of 25%, a 40% reduction of waste sent to landfills and new stormwater controls to protect the Huron River.

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  3. 'I'm going to college!'

    How do you create a ‘culture of college’ in disadvantaged high schools?

  4. 'There's a community out there for you'

    The Spectrum Center, which serves and advocates for students of various sexual orientations, was the first of its kind on any American campus. This fall it is celebrating its 40th anniversary. How times have changed.

  5. U-M will push for new ideas to take on global challenges

    In her annual fall address, U-M president Mary Sue Coleman unveiled the Third Century Initiative, a bold plan to use $50 million in existing funds during the next five years to develop innovative, multidisciplinary teaching and scholarship approaches to such topics as climate change, poverty and malnutrition, energy storage, affordable health care and social justice challenges. It will encompass teaching, research and service efforts.

  6. Dancing with Madonna

    In 1977, Whitley Hill arrived as a freshman at U-M and met her roommate: a talented, eccentric dynamo named Madonna. Hill’s new book remembers the girl who would become an icon.

  7. Forty years of transformation

    Over the last 40 years, the Spectrum Center has offered help and a community to gay students.

  8. A century of birds in Northern Michigan

    The U-M Biological Station is celebrating 100 years of bird watching and study in the forests Up North. Historical photos help to tell the story.

  9. How have you changed?

    The U-M College of Engineering asked students how they have changed since their arrival on campus. The answers are surprising, poignant and inspiring, and they might just get you thinking about your own time in Ann Arbor.