Campus Life

  1. Bike camp moves challenged kids toward independence

    About 75 percent of the participants at the U-M Bike Camp typically learn to ride in five days. It’s a daunting task: The children and young adults at this camp have autism or Down syndrome.

  2. Applications to U-M continue to reach historic numbers as financial aid rises to unprecedented levels

    For the third consecutive year, the University of Michigan received a record number of applications from prospective freshmen: 29,939 for 2009-10, compared to 29,806 in the previous year. As of June 8, 14,918 of these applicants were offered admission to the university’s Ann Arbor campus.

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  3. U-M plans largest ever investment in financial aid

    Faced with the toughest economic times since the Great Depression, the University of Michigan Board of Regents voted to approve a general fund budget that calls for $118 million in centrally awarded financial aid, including an 11.7 percent increase in financial aid for undergraduates. The Regents also approved a 5.6 percent tuition increase. The investment in central need-based financial aid is the largest in U-M history.
    Related: Applications to U-M continue to reach historic numbers.

  4. U-M performances celebrate a century of dancing at U-M

    Since the first “aesthetic dance” class, taught in 1909, the university has been a locus of dance instruction and a venue for visiting artists from Jose Limon to Martha Graham.

  5. Future tech, ancient art

    University of Michigan glassblowers Harald Eberhart and Roy Wentz produce one-of-a-kind tools for cutting edge research.

  6. Ross MBAs Take 2009 MIT Clean Energy Prize

    A team of Ross MBAs and their startup, Husk Insulation, won the $200,000 MIT Clean Energy Prize, a national student competition. Husk Insulation is poised to convert agricultural waste (including rice husk ash) into thin, high-grade, and affordable insulation for the refrigeration industry. The result will be super-efficient cooling.

  7. For love of teaching

    Arthur Thurnau endowed one of the University of Michigan’s most prestigious faculty awards. But we know almost nothing about the man, his life or his reasons for giving.

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  8. In Patagonia

    University of Michigan students travel to Patagonia in Chile for the educational trip of a lifetime

  9. Actor Montalb├ín’s grandson, U-M student, pays tribute to grandfather

    Ricardo Montalban was one of the most well-known Mexican-born Hollywood actors of all time. But for his grandson Alex Montalbán, a senior at the University of Michigan, the perception of this iconic actor is much more complex and filled with nostalgia.