1. Google, U-M partner to battle Flint crisis

    New smartphone app and digital tools will help manage, navigate Flint water crisis.

  2. Hacking into homes

    Cybersecurity researchers find alarming “smart home” flaws in popular systems that boast automated and remote features.

  3. Make it work

    StyleWatch publisher Stephanie Sladkus, BA ’93, reworks the print-meets-digital model for today’s “smart” consumer. Get ready to lean in — and lean back.

  4. Just in time

    New smart technologies could revolutionize the way people cope with medical and behavioral problems.

  5. Time to get serious?

    As the Earth’s climate changes, experts explore provocative interventions and ask: Can we geoengineer our way out of a looming crisis?

  6. No sweat

    Already abandoning your new year’s resolutions? Author Michelle Segar, PhD, explains how to revive your goals using the science of motivation.

  7. A matter of time

    Learn how the Internet of Things infiltrated one home, and what it could signal about the future of privacy and security.

  8. Autonomous cars in the snow

    U-M and Ford collaborate on the auto industry’s first tests of autonomous vehicles in wintry conditions.

  9. Battery capital of the nation?

    U-M opens new lab so researchers and manufacturers can accelerate breakthrough battery technology on a production-level scale.