1. Boosting the brain's appetite to fight disease

    New findings hold promise for victims of dementia, Lou Gehrig’s disease.

  2. A most elegant solution

    Discover how the ancient art of origami may soon transform the future of nanotechnology.

  3. 50 years of miracles

    Identical twins Janice and Joan Ottenbacher made medical history in 1964 with transplant surgeon Jeremiah G. Turcotte.

  4. Transformers, anyone?

    What happens when a rolling robot needs some legs mid-mission? The robot builds its own. At least that’s the plan.

  5. Mammoth undertaking

    Prehistoric creatures break digital ground and blow scientific minds in new 3-D showcase.

  6. Find free care, fast

    Students unveil new website that uses crowdsourcing to build national index of medical clinics offering free and low-cost care.

  7. Vet seeks to grow hope amid 'food deserts'

    Kenneth Johnson redeploys military training to bring healthy food and other sustainable solutions to underserved populations.

  8. They see dead people

    As a 3-D hologram-like cadaver floats in space, students “operate” using joysticks and special glasses.

  9. What can stem cells teach us about bipolar disorder?

    Research breakthrough may transform treatment, solve mysteries about disorder.