1. Remembering Mike Wallace

    Legendary reporter helped shape TV journalism; launched his career at U-M.

  2. Out of Africa

    Anthropologist John Mitani consults on Disneynature film Chimpanzee.

  3. How social media helped save a language

    Fewer than 10 people born in Michigan are fluent in the native language of the area’s indigenous people. Yet more than 2,700 people “like” the language on Facebook.

  4. When continents collide: A new twist to a 50 million-year-old tale

    Fifty million years ago, India slammed into Eurasia, a collision that gave rise to the tallest landforms on the planet, the Himalaya Mountains and the Tibetan Plateau. India and Eurasia continue to converge today, though at an ever-slowing pace. University of Michigan geomorphologist and geophysicist Marin Clark wanted to know when this motion will end and why.

  5. Restoring kids, and a community

    A U-M project that helps Flint middle school students contribute to their community turns out to reduce violence and crime among the kids.

  6. School of Nursing to offer master's degree with Peace Corps

    U-M’s School of Nursing has become the first school in the nation to partner with the Peace Corps on a nursing master’s degree program.

  7. Mary Sue Coleman's open letter to President Obama

    In December, U-M president Mary Sue Coleman called for Obama’s leadership in restoring the United States’ higher education system.

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  8. Surprise reunion

    From Ghana to Michigan, a teacher and student meet again.

  9. Preacher's kid

    How a professor’s childhood faith led him to become an innovative scientist.