1. Out on a limb

    Christoph Nolte is an institutional economist and conservationist who can see the forest for the trees.

  2. Engineers making a difference

    Creativity, design, and customer service take precedence in a unique course, as freshmen “tinker” their way to real results.

  3. A family for Feleke

    When law professor Kyle Logue offered to host an Ethiopian boy who needed medical care in the U.S., he had no idea the experience would change, well, everything.

  4. Coping with the personal aftershocks of disaster

    A study on survivors of 2011’s triple disaster in Japan reveals options to help prevent and protect against the violence that often follows such events.

  5. Lost and found

    The ancient pyramids on Egypt’s Giza Plateau forever fascinate. For Richard Redding, BA’71/PhD ’81, it’s the Lost City of the Pyramid Builders that truly captivates.

  6. U-M marks Wallenberg Centennial

    The exhibit “To Me There’s No Other Choice,” honoring WWII hero and U-M alumnus Raoul Wallenberg, runs Jan. 30-Feb. 28.

  7. Breaking a genocide's silence

    One of the casualties of the 1994 Rwandan genocide was the culture’s storytelling tradition. Resurrecting it has been the mission of a project called Stories for Hope.

  8. Channeling Victory

    As the world’s Olympians basked in gold and glory, six female swimmers quietly conquered the treacherous waters of the English Channel to honor a friend.