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  1. Nickels Arcade at 99

    The Nickels Arcade has beckoned to Michigan students, strollers, and shoppers for nearly a century. At its birth in 1915, it was the latest thing in retail — a collection of small shops offering premium goods to well-heeled customers. (Text by James Tobin.)
  2. Great Lakes, great photography

    The David V. Tinder Collection of Michigan Photography, housed at the William L. Clements Library, offers virtually every photographic format used in the 19th and early 20th centuries: daguerreotypes, tintypes, stereographs, and more. The captions that accompany these select images were sourced from Tinder’s Directory of Early Michigan Photographers. Read more about this fascinating collection.
  3. The Slow Vanishing of Schoolgirls’ Glen

    A special sanctuary inside Nichols Arboretum hangs on despite the spoilage wrought by human encroachment.
  4. Goodbye, good luck, and Go Blue!

    In honor of commencement season, Michigan Today celebrates the collective joy shared by every U-M graduate who's ever donned the cap and gown to mark this life-changing milestone.
  5. Did you see that?

    As the academic year winds down Michigan Today celebrates some of the student-athletes who delivered so much excitement to sports fans, captured in action by the team at Michigan Photography. Congrats to all of our Wolverines!
  6. Eyewitness to history, text by Alan Glenn

    What's it like to be an eyewitness to history? Ask Jay Cassidy. As a photographer for the Michigan Daily from 1967-70 he was often no more than a brick's throw away from the action during the most tumultuous three-year period in recent American history. Cassidy now lives in Los Angeles and is an award-winning film editor who has worked on such motion pictures as "An Inconvenient Truth," "Into the Wild," and most recently, "American Hustle."
  7. Photo Finish Gallery — Lynn Goldsmith’s Rock and Roll Stories

    Photographer Lynn Goldsmith, AB '68, has spent the past four decades picturing the most iconic artists of our time. These images come from her 2013 book, "Rock and Roll Stories."
  8. What a wonderful world

    These stunning images capture the drama and beauty experienced by U-M students in the Center for Global and Intercultural Study. Their travels took them to Spain, Peru, Turkey, Cuba, and more.
  9. Long Road Back

    April 3, 2007, and April 10, 2007. Within a seven-day span, Michigan changed the faces of both its men’s and women’s basketball teams. And on those two days, both programs’ challenges were clear. The men’s basketball team needed to return to postseason glory, and the women’s basketball team needed to consistently win games for the first time in its 34-season history. One of the new coaches, Kevin Borseth, had grown up in a town of 2,148 people in the Upper Peninsula and had dreamed of someday coaching in Ann Arbor. The other, John Beilein, had never even visited Michigan’s campus before accepting the offer, telling reporters at his farewell press conference in West Virginia that he was “taking a leap of faith.”