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  1. M go boo

    Corpses on campus. Coeds in costumes. The signature of an infamous alumni killer. Just in time for Halloween, Michigan Today brings the creepy, spooky, and unusual to light in this photo slideshow from the archives of the Bentley Historical Library. (Text by Lara Zielin.)
  2. The Little Brown Jug

    College football's oldest trophy rivalry began in 1903, when the University of Michigan Wolverines discarded an empty water jug in the visitors' locker room after a brutal battle with the University of Minnesota Gophers. That game ended in a 6-6 tie, which Minnesota considered a hard-won victory. Minnesota's athletic director Dr. Louis J. "Doc" Cooke fashioned the jug into a rough-hewn trophy, and the rest, as they say, is history. The Little Brown Jug: The Michigan-Minnesota Rivalry (Arcadia Publishing) by Ken Magee and Jon M. Stevens, is a new book that celebrates the myths, mysteries, and mania that have captivated college football fans for more than a century. "It's more than a football game. It's more than a rivalry. It's history," says Stevens. Read an interview with the authors. (The images and captions here are reprinted with permission from the publisher.)
  3. Bodies of Research: Sport Science at Michigan

    Photos by Eric Bronson, Michigan Photography.
  4. Campus … or Canvas? Art is All Around Us

    Photos by Michigan Photography. Captions Sourced via the President's Advisory Committee on Public Art.
  5. #Victors Valiant

    These stunning images come from a new public service announcement celebrating U-M's highest ideals.
  6. That Summer Feeling

    Take a virtual hike through the lush and lovely Saginaw Forest with Michigan Photography's Eric Bronson. Faculty and students in the School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE) often use the forest as a field research laboratory. The captions here were sourced from SNRE's Saginaw Forest website.
  7. Hall of Presidents

    University of Michigan presidents through the years have used their inaugurations to reinforce the values of the academy, challenge professors and students to address pressing global issues and share their visisons for the institutions's future. Some have assumed office in the wake of social upheaval, such as wr and the birth of atomic power. Others have looked inward and pressed the University community to move in new directions with its service and scholarship. In one way or another, each has voiced his or her answer to the question raised by Henry Tappan, U-M's first president, in his inaugural address: "This young University, shall we not carry it forward to perfection?"
  8. Black Fridays

    Gruesome posters at the Bentley Historical Library document the old-school ritual of “rush”—not a sedate round of Greek sociables but semi-violent warfare. First it was between “Lits,” “Laws” and “Medics,” then, increasingly, between freshmen and sophomores. Rush ruled from the Civil War to World War I—in the later years, on “Black Friday” in early October. Here are 10 samples from the collection, most of them from the early 1900s. See “Class Warfare.” (Images courtesy of the Bentley Historical Library.)
  9. Come sail away

    If a summer breeze makes you feel fine, these gorgeous shots from the Michigan Sailing Club at Dexter's Baseline Lake are sure to delight. All images are by Eric Bronson, Michigan Photography.