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  1. Lonesome Dove at 30

    Frank Beaver examines how one TV miniseries re-imagined the American cowboy.

  2. Tangs for the memories

    As a scientist in the late ’60s, Rowena Matthews, PhD ’69, redefined gender norms in the lab. And that was before she hit the airwaves.

  3. Getting better all the time

    In 1967, Ann Arbor was abuzz over an album fans knew would change the world. So what do they think today?

  4. He’s a maniac

    Jon Hein introduced “jump the shark” to the pop-culture lexicon. Now, in a new book about fast food, Hein shows one man’s “junk” is another man’s pleasure.

  5. From the crossroads to the classroom

    As a professor, musician, and founding curator at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Bruce Conforth has established an award-winning career sharing his passion for performance and American culture.