Education & Society

  1. From tragedy to triumph

    Mitchell Robins, BBA ’77, and Amy Robins, BS ’78, lost their teenage son to cancer. Today their Seany Foundation helps other young warriors ‘reach for the sky.’

  2. Episode 8: The ‘human science’ of leadership, featuring Fritz Seyferth

    Executive coach and former Wolverine football player Fritz Seyferth, BSIOE ’73, shares lessons learned from mentor Bo Schembechler on how to build and lead great teams. Seyferth is principal/founder of the business consulting firm FS/A.

  3. Every day is game day

    Former Wolverines’ defensive tackle Jibreel Black, ’14, is riding a different kind of team bus these days. He’s on a cross-country journey to inspire volunteerism.

  4. Day of dissent

    On Oct.15, 1969, President Robben Fleming advised U-M faculty to forgo attendance. The campus had been given over to the biggest of all 1960s peace protests.

  5. Google, U-M partner to battle Flint crisis

    New smartphone app and digital tools will help manage, navigate Flint water crisis.

  6. Seven last words

    Social justice is set to music as the U-M Men’s Glee Club honors unarmed black men killed by law enforcement or neighborhood watch volunteers.

  7. Episode 6: The wind is very much up, featuring Ralph Williams

    University of Michigan professor Ralph Williams reflects on “the American project,” the pursuit of happiness, and the future of the human race.

  8. Just in time

    New smart technologies could revolutionize the way people cope with medical and behavioral problems.

  9. Focus on Flint

    As leaders seek solutions to the Flint water crisis, the U-M community rallies across campuses to share expertise, launch research, and support efforts to aid local residents.