Education & Society

  1. Do you hear what I hear?

    Step inside an operating room in Ghana as U-M surgeons battle a widespread problem in Africa.

  2. The life of Dr. Death

    Jack Kevorkian’s archive at the Bentley reveals the life of an artist, composer, and controversial advocate of the right-to-die movement.

  3. Be there, be heard

    Campuswide summit continues yearlong effort to create a comprehensive plan to address diversity, equity, and inclusion issues at U-M.

  4. Getting schooled

    Ford School grad Leah Ouellet, BA ’13, knew that helping to build a school in Malawi would create value there. But it was her students in Detroit who really won.

  5. The right side of history

    Cultural historian Neal Gabler, AB ’71/AM ’75, puts the question to U-M scholars: Can history itself take sides in our political and cultural disputes?

  6. Brain drain

    The gap between income and achievement in school is well documented, but new research finds physiological differences in our poorest children’s brains.

  7. $1 million in quick wins and discoveries

    Autistic children, entrepreneurial artists, and aspiring educators set to benefit from grants for groundbreaking hypotheses.

  8. Biking for scholars

    In a journey to help their son’s legacy achieve what he could not, the family of a late U-M student hopes to start a dialogue about college affordability.

  9. Can we talk?

    In a time when science is often dismissed as mere opinion, many academics are attempting to raise the level of public discourse. So where do universities come in?