1. And here’s Hooch

    In 1998, Hutchins’ golden retriever Hooch enjoyed some game action. The pooch surely was proud that Hutch founded the Michigan Softball Academy in 2010 in conjunction with the program’s annual “Pink Game.” The one-night, on-field clinic for adults raises funds for the American Cancer Society. The Wolverines have raised more than $1.5 million since the Read more

  2. Massive bubbles at center of Milky Way caused by supermassive black hole

    Findings help scientists understand how black holes interact with the galaxies that they are inside — because this interaction allows these black holes to grow in a controlled fashion as opposed to grow uncontrollably.

  3. Wallenberg Fellow to research exploited Rwandan women, girls

    Chloe Hale, U-M’s 2022 Raoul Wallenberg Fellow, will spend the next year exploring how health crises affect the education of women and girls in Rwanda. The medal is given each year to a graduating senior who shows promise and accomplishment to further service and the public good.

  4. Wish you were here!

    One of the great joys of working at Michigan Today is meeting freelance writers who contribute their unique talents to the editorial.

  5. Medicare patients nationwide will get a chance to try U-M-developed insurance idea

    Patients could keep more dollars in their wallets while getting treated for such chronic diseases as diabetes, depression, and heart failure.

  6. Forecast 2018

    Michigan Ross experts take on gender diversity and pay; health care; consumer impact of social media; and the future of business education.

  7. Top 10 (and then some)

    Frank Beaver replies to a recurring request and recommends some must-see films.

  8. Independents’ day

    Frank Beaver showcases some of his favorite indie films and the artist who made them.