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  1. Wish you were here!

    One of the great joys of working at Michigan Today is meeting freelance writers who contribute their unique talents to the editorial.

  2. Medicare patients nationwide will get a chance to try U-M-developed insurance idea

    Patients could keep more dollars in their wallets while getting treated for such chronic diseases as diabetes, depression, and heart failure.

  3. Forecast 2018

    Michigan Ross experts take on gender diversity and pay; health care; consumer impact of social media; and the future of business education.

  4. Top 10 (and then some)

    Frank Beaver replies to a recurring request and recommends some must-see films.

  5. Independents’ day

    Frank Beaver showcases some of his favorite indie films and the artist who made them.

  6. Food as medicine, II

    Victor Katch shows how plant-based compounds often serve as precursors for our medicines.

  7. All's fair … Or is it?

    Have you ever: Forwarded photos taken by one friend to another? Watched a clip from a TV show on Facebook? Quoted a published work in a research paper?

  8. Thinking about Tom

    A prophetic voice Always at the edge of the possible and the visionary. Ever able to formulate our best hopes and fears into language that elevated and instructed. Baseball fan. Wanting to recast the radical tradition into American idiom and take it out of the hands of sectarians. Willing to be, as our friend Jack Read more

  9. Industry funding: Pros and cons

    Victor Katch discusses how industry funding may lead to conflict of interest, manufactured uncertainty, and weakened policies.