Education & Society

  1. Helping a nation mourn

    In November 1963, U.S. Naval officer George Perrault took his place in history as a member of the “Death Watch” following JFK’s assassination.

  2. Engineers making a difference

    Creativity, design, and customer service take precedence in a unique course, as freshmen “tinker” their way to real results.

  3. Back to the future

    They say there are no “do-overs” in life. Tell that to physician Ronny Schmier, BA ’71, a master’s candidate in U-M’s new program in health informatics.

  4. Coping with the personal aftershocks of disaster

    A study on survivors of 2011’s triple disaster in Japan reveals options to help prevent and protect against the violence that often follows such events.

  5. Sisters in law

    Sisters Cornelia Kennedy, ’47, and Margaret Schaeffer, ’45, have always called each other Nealie and Margie. For decades, however, they went by Your Honor.

  6. U-M to offer free online courses in groundbreaking initiative

    University of Michigan professors will offer free online courses on such diverse topics as finance, electronic voting, computer vision, and fantasy and science fiction using a new web-based platform called Coursera.

  7. Remembering Mike Wallace

    Legendary reporter helped shape TV journalism; launched his career at U-M.

  8. How social media helped save a language

    Fewer than 10 people born in Michigan are fluent in the native language of the area’s indigenous people. Yet more than 2,700 people “like” the language on Facebook.