1. A different Diag?

    If a single Regent had switched his vote 150 years ago, U-M would stand in a very different place.

  2. An American Girl

    A tough heroine in 1870s Ann Arbor was the star of a novel about U-M’s early days.

  3. A question of culture

    Michigan’s minority-student lounges grew out of an intense debate about integration.

  4. The great raid

    One night during the Great Depression, police stormed U-M’s fraternities.

  5. Spring afternoon on the Diag

    Sunshine, lush grass and trees in bloom. On a warm May afternoon, when the semester’s done, there’s no place finer.

  6. Teacher, scholar, mensch

    History professor Sidney Fine changed countless lives for the better.

  7. The student body

    Slideshow: At the corner of North University and East University, generations of students met the demands of “physical culture” — and course registration — in Waterman and Barbour Gyms.

  8. Ann Arbor Abolitionists

    In the days leading to the Civil War, Ann Arbor saw riots over slavery, secession and the Union.

  9. President Little's Dorms

    Your life was probably changed forever by the dorm you were assigned to. But in U-M’s early years, there were no dorms.