1. Car craze

    Speeding and “moral decay” provoked a stern crackdown on student drivers in the 1920s.

  2. Summer school for geniuses

    The Summer Symposia in Theoretical Physics attracted the best minds in the world.

  3. The Doors' disaster at Michigan

    Jim Morrison bombs at the homecoming dance –- and changes rock history.

  4. 50 years of the Peace Corps

    From John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama, presidents have challenged University of Michigan students to change the world.

    Plus: Kids these days: How involved is this generation?

  5. Move-in day

    Video: Take a look behind the scenes as thousands of students arrive at their new homes in the dorms.

  6. Higher math at Dominick's

    Mocha and more at Ann Arbor’s legendary hangout.

  7. The Two-Dollar House

    How a handful of Depression – era students ditched the profit motive and started U-M’s co-ops

  8. What Division Street divided

    Video: The true story of Ann Arbor’s dry line, and the rowdy, brawling student behavior it totally failed to prevent.

  9. The world game, home field

    Video: On summer evenings on U-M’s Mitchell Field, players from around the world gather for games of pickup soccer.