1. The Two-Dollar House

    How a handful of Depression – era students ditched the profit motive and started U-M’s co-ops

  2. What Division Street divided

    Video: The true story of Ann Arbor’s dry line, and the rowdy, brawling student behavior it totally failed to prevent.

  3. The world game, home field

    Video: On summer evenings on U-M’s Mitchell Field, players from around the world gather for games of pickup soccer.

  4. Robert Frost in Ann Arbor

    How a lucky circle of U-M student scribes became friends with America’s poet-laureate.

  5. Summer camp!

    At Camp Michigania, generations of alumni families play at the lake, walk in the woods, and build lifelong friendships.

  6. The great pipe organ

    How one of the world’s great musical instruments made its way from Detroit to Chicago to Hill Auditorium.

  7. Hand – carved history

    For generations of Michigan alumni, senior canes unlocked the vaults of memory.

  8. Earth Day Eve

    Forty years ago, U-M students prepared the way for the first Earth Day teach-in. Here’s how a casual talk at a bar on Washington Street spurred the modern environmental movement.

  9. Ode to Joy

    The great photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt came to Ann Arbor in 1950 for Life magazine. His goal: to capture the flawless precision and wild exuberance of the Michigan Marching Band. He succeeded.