1. Class warfare

    The strange, violent origins of the fraternity “rush.”

  2. Animal house

    U-M’s campus zoo delighted locals with bears, skunks, a fox, a host of turtles and one very angry wolverine.

  3. 'Remember your mother!'

    In 1921, a finger-wagging guide for Jazz Age freshmen admonished them to follow a strict social code. Much of the advice now seems strange and funny, though some of it applies equally well today.

  4. A little spying & kidnapping among friends

    During World War Two, a University of Michigan professor joined a plot to take out his best friend and enemy, the Nobel-prize winning physicist Werner Heisenberg.

  5. Food riot, 1956

    The night the quaddies said no to corned beef and swiss cheese on lettuce.

  6. A tree grows on the Diag

    The beauty and peacefulness of the Diag derive in large part from its trees. Many were planted as long ago as the Civil War, some just last week.

  7. The wolverine that wasn’t

    Why the University of Michigan doesn’t have a mascot.

  8. One odd duck

    How the strange but brilliant Augustus Woodward created the University of Michigan…sort of.

  9. Before the G.P.A.

    For U-M’s first 50 years or so, grades were unknown. But the push for a rigorous letter-grade system came from an unlikely source.