1. Earth Day Eve

    Forty years ago, U-M students prepared the way for the first Earth Day teach-in. Here’s how a casual talk at a bar on Washington Street spurred the modern environmental movement.

  2. Ode to Joy

    The great photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt came to Ann Arbor in 1950 for Life magazine. His goal: to capture the flawless precision and wild exuberance of the Michigan Marching Band. He succeeded.

  3. Chorus girls

    The presence of chorus girls at a 1921 fraternity party revealed scandalous behavior by students and administrators alike.

  4. 'Paul is Dead!' (said Fred)

    Forty years ago, a prankish article in the Michigan Daily helped create a modern myth: Beatle Paul McCartney was dead.

  5. Game day!

    It’s football Saturday! Come join the crowds at the Mudbowl, on State and Packard, the Pioneer High lot, and outside Michigan Stadium.

  6. A different Diag?

    If a single Regent had switched his vote 150 years ago, U-M would stand in a very different place.

  7. An American Girl

    A tough heroine in 1870s Ann Arbor was the star of a novel about U-M’s early days.

  8. A question of culture

    Michigan’s minority-student lounges grew out of an intense debate about integration.

  9. The great raid

    One night during the Great Depression, police stormed U-M’s fraternities.