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  1. Rehab: Gaming the system

    Gaming technology enjoyed by millions in leisure time is finding a new audience: rehabilitation patients.

  2. An uncommon education: Ep 5

    U-M was the nation’s first university to own and operate its own hospital. Watch ‘A Miracle Cure,’ by Detroit Public Television.

  3. Does exercise affect the brain's aging process?

    Most people know regular exercise can keep a body looking and feeling young. But what does it do for your noggin?

  4. Food as medicine

    Victor Katch identifies whole foods and herbs featuring medicinal properties.

  5. Don't eat this, if you take that

    Victor Katch suggests foods to avoid if you are taking specific medications.

  6. Can math help explain our bodies?

    The legacy of mathematician Alan Turing inspires researchers to create computer models to explore ‘the beauty of us.’

  7. Pregnancy and physical activity

    Vic Katch explains how a sensible exercise routine can benefit expectant mothers.

  8. From tragedy to triumph

    Mitchell Robins, BBA ’77, and Amy Robins, BS ’78, lost their teenage son to cancer. Today their Seany Foundation helps other young warriors ‘reach for the sky.’

  9. Treating pain without feeding addiction

    Study shows promise of non-drug pain management, combining behavioral therapy and social support.