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Talking About Words

  1. How Tom Sawyer changed my life

    Imagine Mark Twain’s iconic ne’er-do-well as the high school counselor who launched your career. Only in L.A. (With podcast.)

  2. What lasts, what fades away

    With Harper Lee’s recent death, author Nicholas Delbanco ponders “the writer’s trade” in modern times.

  3. Who said that?

    Talk about irony: You coin a popular catchphrase and yet few know or care who wrote the words.

  4. Happily ever after?

    Nicholas Delbanco strolls down Lovers’ Lane (in the literary sense) and ponders the nature of romance in writing.

  5. "A" vs. "an"

    Anne Curzan sounds off on the battle between these indefinite articles.

  6. Eggcorns

    Are you trying to pass mustard for all intensive purposes in a doggy dog world?

  7. Double negatives

    Anne Curzan can’t get no satisfaction from the idea that two negatives make a positive.

  8. "A Table Alphabeticall"

    Anne Curzan flips through the first English dictionary, published in London in 1604.

  9. Yup, uh huh, yes

    When it comes to expressing agreement, we can choose from an extensive range of options.