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Business and Economy

  1. Telling fortunes

    Disruptive business models, big data, and a potential spiral of doom. Ross School experts weigh in on the new year’s economy.

  2. An entrepreneur’s cheat sheet

    The brothers behind Wall St. Cheat Sheet could write a case study for entrepreneurs, content providers, and new media strategists.

  3. Manufacturing 10,000 jobs

    U-M plays key role in $148-million research institute opening in metro Detroit.

  4. The state of entrepreneurship

    The state of Michigan conjures certain classic images: the Great Lakes, the Motor City. Time to add “hotbed of entrepreneurial activity.”

  5. Easy Riders

    Shifting gears comes naturally to entrepreneurs. For the founders of Autobike, it’s the defining feature of their evolving startup–a bike that shifts automatically.

  6. A2 on the (high) rise

    Things are looking up in Ann Arbor—way up. A recent building boom is reshaping the city skyline, hastening a vertical shift in perspective.

  7. Recipe for success

    Savorfull CEO Stacy Goldberg, RN ’97/MPH ’99, is on a mission. She wants to prove that “free-from” foods can taste good. That’s welcome news to people who must avoid common allergens.

  8. Hatching a (business) plan

    Alumni siblings Andy and Emily Linn are feathering their family business with camaraderie and creativity in Detroit’s Cass Corridor.

  9. Reinventing the wheel

    Founders of tech startup Are You a Human could have set up shop anywhere—and they chose Detroit. Based in the historic Madison Building, they embody new momentum in the city.