1. (Fish) farm to table

    Biomedical engineer/alum creates the ‘Oasis,’ a portable mini-ecosystem ideal for people facing food insecurity.

  2. Wolverines dig for treasure

    Pirates and coins and booby traps, oh my! Join a crew of real-life gold diggers as they seek to outsmart the ‘Curse of Oak Island.’

  3. The beating heart of Cuba

    For jazz percussionists, Cuba is the holy grail of influence. During a recent Spring Break, music students traveled south to find it.

  4. Not your father's time capsule

    Students prepare to launch a time capsule into orbit to mark U-M’s bicentennial. The plan is to retrieve it in 100 years.

  5. There's no taste like home

    As beer drinkers in Bangalore embrace new microbrews, Arbor Brewing Company India serves up the suds.

  6. Fast track to first responder

    U-M student volunteers cut to the chase in action-packed training program for Israel’s Magen David Adom ambulance service.

  7. Escaping with theater

    U-M brings Prison Creative Arts Project to Brazil, exploring the power of performance in prisons, hospitals, and underprivileged areas.

  8. Prelude to Iwo Jima

    ‘Hands-on skipper’ Willard Vincent Nash, BA ’35/LLB ’35, is the little-known hero in the ‘battle before the battle’ as told in the new book ‘The Heart of Hell.’

  9. Earhart's 'air' apparent

    In the summer of 1967 aviator Ann Pellegreno, ’58, flew around the world, retracing the fateful path of Amelia Earhart.