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  1. Escaping with theater

    U-M brings Prison Creative Arts Project to Brazil, exploring the power of performance in prisons, hospitals, and underprivileged areas.

  2. Prelude to Iwo Jima

    ‘Hands-on skipper’ Willard Vincent Nash, BA ’35/LLB ’35, is the little-known hero in the ‘battle before the battle’ as told in the new book ‘The Heart of Hell.’

  3. Earhart's 'air' apparent

    In the summer of 1967 aviator Ann Pellegreno, ’58, flew around the world, retracing the fateful path of Amelia Earhart.

  4. Every day is game day

    Former Wolverines’ defensive tackle Jibreel Black, ’14, is riding a different kind of team bus these days. He’s on a cross-country journey to inspire volunteerism.

  5. Putting his life on the line

    Thinking about a career in adventure filmmaking? Based on the experience of Jim Aikman, ’08, the fainthearted need not apply.

  6. Hopwood in Havana

    Cuba is top of mind for many these days. In 1924 playwright Avery Hopwood visited Havana, and his vivid diary captures the city’s heyday.

  7. The spy who never was

    The film Bridge of Spies is more than just a Cold War thriller for one former professor who survived the real-life saga.

  8. Teach the children well

    While volunteering at a school for children of sex workers in India, one U-M student was transformed by society’s most vulnerable.

  9. Do you hear what I hear?

    Step inside an operating room in Ghana as U-M surgeons battle a widespread problem in Africa.