1. U-M students chasing tornadoes

    Six U-M students are part of a group of almost 100 scientists in 40 vehicles who are traversing tornado alley this summer in the largest joint effort ever to study twisters and supercell thunderstorms.

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  2. Future tech, ancient art

    University of Michigan glassblowers Harald Eberhart and Roy Wentz produce one-of-a-kind tools for cutting edge research.

  3. Ross MBAs Take 2009 MIT Clean Energy Prize

    A team of Ross MBAs and their startup, Husk Insulation, won the $200,000 MIT Clean Energy Prize, a national student competition. Husk Insulation is poised to convert agricultural waste (including rice husk ash) into thin, high-grade, and affordable insulation for the refrigeration industry. The result will be super-efficient cooling.

  4. Climate change driving Michigan mammals north

    Some Michigan mammal species are rapidly expanding their ranges northward, apparently in response to climate change, a new study shows. In the process, these historically southern species are replacing their northern counterparts.

  5. Choosing the correct athletic shoes

    A U-M expert’s advice for comfort, performance and injury prevention.

  6. Coping with swine flu

    Public health and flu expert Allison Aiello explains how a landmark University of Michigan study can help you prepare for a flu pandemic