1. A climate expert's take on Pakistan's floods

    U-M professor Ricky Rood, an expert in world and regional climate issues, calls Pakistan’s catastrophic flooding “a case study of climate disaster.”

  2. Agents of change

    U-M people have played vital parts in the environmental transformations of the past 40 years. Three of them share their stories.

    Plus: The biggest US environmental events since 1970.

  3. Top environmental events since 1970

    Since the first Earth Day in 1970, the United States has made huge progress in protecting the environment. It’s also made huge mistakes, and the unsolved problems are tougher than ever. Here’s a partial retrospective.

  4. Haiti and beyond

    U-M experts on how communities, nations and the world can prepare for and respond to the Haitian earthquake, and to similar disasters in the future.

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  5. Sustainable mobility

    Automakers at the 2010 North American International Auto Show have big hopes for their new vehicles—hipper, more fuel-efficient, environmentally sound cars.

  6. Great Lakes: ‘Amazing change’

    A tiny mollusk is causing breathtaking transformations of Lake Michigan and other Great Lakes, threatening a four-billion-dollar industry and the health of an entire ecosystem.

    Plus: Slideshow: Quagga mussels and Lake Michigan

  7. Hotspots in developing countries will fuel demand for global energy

    Developing countries use proportionally less energy than industrialized nations, but this could soon change. And it’s not just increased car use: as air conditioning becomes more widespread, energy use worldwide could soar.

  8. Water water everywhere…

    For 20 years, Stanley Pollack has been fighting to get the Navajo Nation the water it deserves. It’s a battle that could change the face of the Southwest.

  9. Turnaround?

    After years of effort, false starts, and faulty decisions, the U.S. auto industry is remaking itself. U-M, with its historic ties to the carmakers, continues to push Detroit’s technology and policy forward.