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Talking About Books

  1. No sweat

    Already abandoning your new year’s resolutions? Author Michelle Segar, PhD, explains how to revive your goals using the science of motivation.

  2. Curiouser and curiouser

    Novelist Nicholas Delbanco falls through the looking glass of high fashion and discovers its strange bedfellow, literature.

  3. The joy of rereading

    Novelist Nicholas Delbanco delivers a creative twist on the summer reading list, revisiting some favorite books.

  4. Men of letters

    Novelist Nicholas Delbanco celebrates the art of correspondence in a whimsical series of letters that captures the wonder of words among friends.

  5. Trophy life: The Little Brown Jug

    New book celebrates the myths, mysteries, and mania surrounding college football’s oldest trophy rivalry, born of a discarded water jug in 1903.

  6. Going to the dogs

    Storyteller Eric Keller delivers wit and wisdom through a series of quirky animated canines, some of whom wear bikinis.

  7. One author, two personalities?

    MT’s own James Tobin, BA ’78/PhD ’86, demonstrates creative flexibility with two new books in one season.

  8. Remembering Elmore Leonard

    Writer/producer Lynn Isenberg, BA ’82, reflects on a poolside encounter with Birkenstock fan Elmore Leonard.

  9. Hot Summer Reads

    Looking for a good book on a relaxing summer afternoon? See what some of our most avid readers on campus recommend.