Talking About Movies

  1. Theater in the movie house

    The new trend of showing plays in movie theaters is actually not so new.

  2. 'The Artist' and the afterlife of movies

    Second and third thoughts on a movie about the movies’ early days.

  3. 'Hugo' and the history of movies

    More than a fine family film, ‘Hugo’ is Martin Scorsese’s homage to early movies — and part of a tradition of films about film.

  4. John Malkovich's magnificent creeps

    An actor whose greatness is defined by the villains he plays.

  5. Vietnam in movies and memory

    50 years after the start of the war, Frank Beaver recalls his service in Vietnam and the movies the war inspired.

  6. Tennessee Williams

    The playwright and screen- writer would have turned 100 this year, and U-M is celebrating.

  7. Just like a real memory

    “Super 8” is a reminder of those old films we used to shoot, grainy, silent and lovely, about our lives. And how a handful of great directors got their starts in their own backyards.

  8. Summer movies

    It’s popcorn – movie season, and our film critic has his must – see list ready.

  9. Abe Lincoln on film

    Robert Redford’s new movie is one of scores to portray the great president.