Talking About Movies

  1. Cinema: 2013

    Frank Beaver reboots and documents the year in movies.

  2. John Sayles: Another "maverick" at Michigan

    Frank Beaver excavates John Sayles’ archive and discovers spiral-bound notebooks filled with handwritten treasures.

  3. You get what you need

    Frank Beaver gets festive in Toronto at the Big Chill’s 30th b-day.

  4. Mr. Barilla goes to Hollywood

    Forget the spaghetti western. Film historian Frank Beaver reveals how pasta magnate Pietro Barilla added flavor to Italian cinema.

  5. The mysterious world of Upstream Color

    Frank Beaver finds the beauty and wonder in this cinematic display of fragments, montages, and abstract imagery.

  6. The many hats of Robert Altman

    U-M’s vast Altman archive offers researchers, students, and filmmakers a rich trove of rare resources.

  7. The House of Redgrave

    Frank Beaver explores the Redgrave dynasty’s far-reaching impact on film and theater history.

  8. Ode to the road

    Frank Beaver sends news from the British Film Institute, where he gets re-inspired by some of the greatest road pictures of all time.

  9. Short attention span? No problem.

    Frank Beaver reflects on the 2013 awards season and is reminded that film shorts do matter and—even better—they’re quite marvelous.