Talking About Movies

  1. Exodus: Redux

    Frank Beaver gets the backstory on two U-M alumni behind new biblical epic.

  2. The enduring war picture

    Frank Beaver reflects on the timeless appeal of films from the front.

  3. Life Itself

    Frank Beaver reflects on the “imperturbable power” of a good documentary.

  4. The Birth of a Nation

    Frank Beaver takes us back 100 years to the birth of D.W. Griffith’s controversial American film.

  5. Musical matters

    “Dangerous Rhythm,” a new book about movie musicals, has Frank Beaver tapping his toes.

  6. Grab the popcorn

    Summer movie season is here, and Frank Beaver has saved you a front-row seat.

  7. Arthouse adventures

    Frank Beaver directs you to the best arthouse films making the scene.

  8. An enduring masterpiece

    Frank Beaver revisits “A Taste of Honey” and the teenage upstart who changed British cinema.

  9. Top-notch screen moments: 2013

    Frank Beaver recognizes some of the year’s overlooked cinematic achievements.