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Talking About Movies

  1. The whole world's watching

    Frank Beaver deconstructs Haskell Wexler’s “Medium Cool” in a timely examination of media, morality, and more.

  2. The comedy of existence

    Frank Beaver opens the book on Groucho Marx through a new bio by Lee Siegel.

  3. Remembering Kenneth Rowe

    Hopwood Awards season at U-M is an ideal time to remember the revered playwriting professor.

  4. A century after "Intolerance"

    Frank Beaver examines the social and artistic legacy of controversial filmmaker D.W. Griffith.

  5. Unforgettable: 2015

    Frank Beaver focuses on some favorite cinematic fragments that flickered across our screens last year.

  6. Greater than its parts

    Frank Beaver screens “Spotlight” and “The Big Short” to celebrate the craft behind a well-made ensemble film.

  7. He named me Malala

    Frank Beaver reviews an extraordinary doc about an “ordinary girl.”

  8. Time to get serious

    ’Tis the season for “elevated film fare” as Hollywood amps up the awards buzz. But what to watch?

  9. Casting call

    Frank Beaver ponders the artful intersection of film casting and film performance.